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Missing more than three mortgage payments in a row will result in your bank issuing a Notice of Default (NOD). Receiving a notice of default, means you your lender is notifying you that your loan is in default. Failing to bring your loan current, will result in your lender starting the foreclosure process. NOD’s are filed at your local courthouse. A sheriff will come to your home and serve you a foreclosure summons, typically a knock at the front door late at night. A foreclosure summons notifies you the foreclosure process has began. Illinois state law favors homeowners and requires lenders to follow certain procedures before they can legally foreclose upon you. When you receive a foreclosure summons, you have rights and it is important that your lender respect those rights.  There are many things your lender may do which may violate your rights, which is why it is important to have an experienced foreclosure attorney on your side. There maybe legal remedies available to help you keep your home or buy you more time. Knowing your rights is important and that is why we encourage you to call us for a free consultation. If you are struggling to maintain your mortgage or are in default right now, there may be options available to you, so call us for a free consultation so we can determine the available options to you.



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Loan Modification

A loan modification is change in your mortgage terms to help you keep your home and reduce your mortgage payments.

Mortgage Settlment

A mortgage settlement allows mortgagees to settle their loan for an amount less than they owe.

Debt Negotiation

Debt negotiations allow you to settle debts owed for less than the current balance.

Short Sale

A short sale allows homeowners to sell their property for a lesser amount than their home is worth.

Credit Repiar

Inaccuracies found on credit reports are required to be removed and can be done with credit repair service.

Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure defense is a process of using the legal laws to delay foreclosure process and work towards a favorable arrangement.


Loan Modifications


Landlord/tenant case


Short Sales


Mortgage Settlements

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