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Being in foreclosure is stressful and lenders may not always have your best interest at heart. That’s why you need someone who has worked with all the big banks and helped hundreds of people save their homes from foreclosure with a loan modification. Our philosophy is simple, we help you modify your loan or there is no charge.

Contact us for a no cost or obligation consultation to discuss the options are available to you and your financial goals. Our mission is to protect as many homeowners against the big banks as possible. We work hard for our clients and you can see our results in our happy clients. Thinking of getting a loan modification, just read some of our client reviews and find out why we are the award winning foreclosure service!

We are here to help you make an informed decision. If you want to keep your home, we are here to help and have the right team in place to help serve you now. If we can’t get your file approved for a loan modification, there is no fee, so call us for your free consultation!

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Awarded Foreclosure Service

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Foreclosure Reviews

Stopping the Foreclosure Process

If you have missed three or more mortgage payments in a row, your lender will issue a Notice of Default (NOD). This means you your lender is notifying you that your loan is in default.  At this point, you have primarily three options:

  1. Pay the delinquent payments plus any fees they may have to bring your loan current and resume your existing payments.
  2. Do nothing and lose your home. – We do NOT recommend this!
  3. Request a loan modification with your lender. In many cases they will add your missed payments on the back end of your loan so you do NOT have to come up with all of the past due payments upfront and  potentially lower your interest rate and monthly mortgage payments.

Failure to bring your loan current, will result in your lender starting the foreclosure process. Your lender’s attorney will file this at your local courthouse resulting in a sheriff serving you a foreclosure summons.  A foreclosure summons is the beginning of the foreclosure process.

Obtaining a loan modification can be a stressful process for many people, which is why many people obtain us to help them. Filling out the forms incorrectly or sending the wrong information can get your modification denied.  That is why it is important to work with an experienced professional to help you keep your home. When you retain us, we will make sure your rights are protected and do everything we can to help you stop the foreclosure process. Our success in this area has been very significant and we have helped countless people save their homes.

Under Illinois law, you have rights and it is important that your lender follow proper procedures throughout the foreclosure process. There are many things your lender may do which may violate your rights. Having an experienced foreclosure attorney on your side can mean the world of difference. Why go it alone, when you can have us on your side.



Foreclosure Prevention Specialist

You don’t have to go the foreclosure process alone.  There may be multiple foreclosure remedies available and having a good team behind you can mean the world of difference.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties, give us a call to discuss the remedies available to you.  We have a proven track record and can help you make an informed decision.

Everyone deserves a safe and comfortable place to put their head down at night. Without the right knowledge of how to navigate through the foreclosure process, your bank may take your house away. Too many people try to go the process alone and end up making costly mistakes that could have been avoided.  We don’t want that to happen to you so call (847) 398-4793 to arrange a free consultation.

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If you are behind on your loan or having difficulties obtaining a favorable resolution with your lender, give us a call now for a free consultation or if your on your mobile phone, just hit the green button.

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